Apple iPhone Gets a Dolly for Perfectly Smooth Pans

Surprisingly, a video camera is no longer required to shoot professional-looking video for your company. The smartphone or tablet you already own can shoot in HD and likely has a decent lens. Supporting this new video market is a variety of interesting and useful devices. Two weeks ago, we told you about the Padcaster, which lets iPad owners use a tripod, lights, and a microphone with their tablet. Now, we’ve just learned about the Dolly by iStabilizer, a wheeled mount that lets smartphone owners create perfectly smooth dolly shots.

While targeted at iPhone-owners, the Dolly works with any smartphone (and doesn’t even require that you take the phone out of its case). The device’s arm holds your smartphone securely in any position, so it will stay in place as you roll during a shoot.

Smartphones that measure up to 2.75-inches wide will work with the Dolly, so it works with all iPhones and most Android phones. You can even use it with point-and-shoot digital cameras. The adjustable arm measures 11-inches.

Dolly is available now for $59.95. Pick one up and add a level of professionalism to your company’s online videos. Your efforts might just look so good that people will never believe you created them on a smartphone.


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  1. While I do think this is innovative and a very intelligently designed concept, i can’t help but wonder why the hell anyone would be shooting video on their phone that requires a dolly of any sort.

    For less than the cost of an iPhone you can go and get a camera that shoots better HD.

    It reminds me of how every tom, dick, and harry feels they are a videographer because they own a GoPro HD camera.

    Posted by Brian | July 16, 2012, 12:14 pm
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