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The Top Ten Stories from’s Second Year has turned two-years-old, and we’ve never been bigger!

Seriously, hits are rising, advertisers are happy, and we even got a nice little congrats note from the boss. It’s been an excellent year, and we have you the readers to thank. You came back for more stories, and you wrote in many though-provoking comments.

Below are the biggest ten stories from this site’s second year (which technically ended a few weeks back, but we were busy). As you can see, Apple’s release of Final Cut Pro X was the story of the year, accounting for five of the top ten spots. The radically changed interface, as well as a series of much-needed upgrades, kept people talking.

You’re also interested in Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and the latest online technologies (such as HTML5).

So enjoy the list below and drop us a comment underneath. Tell us what you’d like to read in this site’s third year.

1. Apple Final Cut Pro X Reviewed: Not Ready for Professionals

This was the year of Final Cut Pro X, and the editing world sought out Jan Ozer’s super-long, highly negative first review of the radically revised editor.

2. The Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Update: Read Our Hands-On Review

By the third update, Final Cut Pro X was showing serious improvement. Jan Ozer tested the additions, but still wasn’t a huge fan.

3. Learning to Love Final Cut Pro X

Enough with the negativity! Scott Strimple lit a spark with our readers by showing how he was won over by the workflow changes in Final Cut Pro X.

4. Streaming vs. Progressive Download vs. Adaptive Streaming

Our own Jan Ozer self-published a book this year, and we were happy to run this excerpt. It cleared up video delivery confusion for many readers.

5. Hands-On with the Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Upgrade

Apple knew it had a problem with Final Cut Pro X right from the start, and began pushing out updates. Jan Ozer reviewed the first one for us.

6. Is Final Cut Pro X Ready for Professional Use?

Larry Jordan and Jan Ozer faced off in this feature, which looked at the pros and cons of Final Cut Pro X.

7. How to Dramatically Improve Your Video Quality in Adobe Premiere

Our best-performing video feature of the year came from Jan Ozer, who offered simple advice on getting better results with Adobe Premiere.

8. Sony Vegas Pro Goes to 11

Sony Vegas stories have always been strong performers on this site. In this news article, we looked at the improvements in Vegas Pro 11.

9. HTML5 Video FAQs: Your Questions Answered

This story was actually published in our first year (it was number five in our first year’s top ten), but got so many hits that it remained a top story in our second year. It’s a great resource for anyone curious about HTML5 video.

10. Every Online Video Platform (OVP) on the Market: A Reference List

This list came from our good friend at VidCompare, who knows all there is to know about OVPs. For small or large companies looking for video hosting, it’s a great place to start.

For more, read the top ten stories from’s first year.

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