The Padcaster Turns the iPad into a Professional Video Camera

With its 5-megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second, with its large viewing screen, with it’s ability to edit and transmit video directly, the Apple iPad should be the ultimate video camera.

And yet its size and shape make it a cumbersome camera to hold while shooting anything but the shortest clips.

Thankfully for anyone interested in doing real video creation on the iPad, the Padcaster is almost here. The Padcaster is an aluminum frame that holds an iPad securely, while letting the user attach it to a tripod or shoulder mount. What’s more, the Padcaster includes several threaded holes for attaching microphone, lights, and other camera accessories.

One more accessory turns the Padcaster into the perfect semi-professional solution: the Lenscaster. This Padcaster attachment lets videographers attach their favorite lenses to their iPads, so they’re not limited by the abilities of the iPad’s built-in iSight camera.

For those involved in DSLR video shooting, the Padcaster’s creators note that it can also be used as a cage to hold a DSLR, as well as a microphone, lights, and other accessories.

The Padcaster is available for pre-order and should ship in early August. Early buyers can get the Padcaster for $149, or the Padcaster and the Lenscaster for $189. That will eventually change to $199 for the Padcaster and $59 for the Lenscaster.

To get a 360-degree view of the Padcaster in a variety of setups, watch the video below.


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  1. Wow,it looks wonderful.Is it really professional as video or camera?

    Posted by linkdelight | September 3, 2012, 6:07 am
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