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The Mobile Gap: What Top Shops Know About Mobile Video

Can your company’s customers browse your site from their mobile devices and see all the content, including videos? It’s an important question, one that will take on a growing role as smartphone use and 4G cellular connections increase.

Two studies came out this week that spotlight crucial mobile best practices. In the first, CrossView, an ecommerce solutions company, found a gap between how the top 10 retailers handle mobile access as compared to other retailers. It found that 90 percent of the top 10 retailers have mobile-optimized sites and apps. Only two-thirds of other retailers do. Moreover, all of the to 10 with mobile sites offer ratings and reviews for mobile surfers, compared to only 57 percent of other retailers.

The study found similar gaps in offering the same pricing between web stores and mobile sites, and letting customers check whether or not products are in stock with mobile devices. The takeaway is that top retailers are taking mobile seriously, and that’s something every online retailer can learn from.

Crossview is making the top five lessons learned available as a free download.

A second study, by Prosper Mobile Insights, found that online video ads are highly effective, and that 74 percent of people fully pay attention to ads while surfing on mobile devices. When watching video clips, 15.1 percent pay attention to the ads. When watching full TV episodes online, 13.3 pay full attention to the ads.

Prosper found that men were more likely than women to pay attention to mobile video ads (17.8 percent vs. 12.6 percent). Those ads work: 51.0 percent of men say that mobile ads influence their purchases, while 43.7 percent of women said the same.

Mobile can’t be an afterthought any longer. When planning your online video marketing, whether it means creating featured content or ads, be sure you’re reaching smartphone and tablet users. If you don’t, you’re missing a strong opportunity.


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