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Simple Tips for Improving Online Videos, Courtesy of Vimeo

Vimeo knows online video, so we reached out to three of its top editors and contributors for quick and easy tips.

The biennial Vimeo Festival, which took place last week in New York City, is an amazingly fun and educational event. While racing from one though-provoking session to another, we managed to get a few minutes with three of Vimeo’s top contributors, all of whom have made videos explaining basics to newcomers: Daniel Hayek (director of education and community), Matt Schwarz (senior manager of content and community), and Philip Bloom (director, editor, and blogger).

We asked all three for their favorite quick tips for new video makers, especially those creating videos for businesses. Watch the video below to see what they told us. If the tips overlap a little, that just means those suggestions are extra important.


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  1. Good comments.
    Briefly, it is the “SLS” rule…
    > S = sound. People will put up with cruddy video but not cruddy sound.
    > L = light. Always put your subject in a good light.
    > S = short. Unless you produced the next riveting “Saving Private Ryan”, if your video is too long you’ll bore your audience to death.

    Posted by Eric F. Scholl | June 19, 2012, 9:28 am
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