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Outsource Your Video Distribution with uStudio

Creating online videos is hard enough, but then there’s the problem of where to put them. Companies just starting out often upload videos to YouTube and then embed those videos on their site, but what about all the other video sites?

For help in managing a video distribution strategy, there’s uStudio, an Austin, Texas-based service provider we just learned about. The founders of uStudio saw a need in 2010 and began creating a company to answer it; the company launched the next year. Baffled by all the technical requirements of various video-sharing sites? uStudio can take care of uploading and more.

Customers upload their videos to uStudio and then choose which destinations each video should go to. uStudio handles the encoding to ensure the best results for each.

uStudio also hosts uploaded videos. Customers can use the uStudio player to display hosted videos on their own sites.

Because uStudio provides hosting services, some customers don’t use it for public video distribution. For example, one movie studio uses it to host dailies and then make them available privately to production members.

According to Gabe Dennison, who heads marketing for uStudio, the company offers three pillars: hosting, storage, and collaboration.

“When you look at the lifecycle of video, on the early end you’ve got your video producers who are interested in the first two of three pillars in the product, and you’ve got the marketers who are interested in the collaboration and distribution,” says Dennison.

uStudio can distribute videos to three types of sites: open platforms (YouTube, Vimeo), which are available to all creators; editorially curated sites (Hulu), which are limited to selected creators; and apps (such as Boxee and Roku).

Customers also have the option of creating custom video feeds for private distribution. The Jackson Hole Film Festival, for example, used uStudio to create  a closed system for judges to screen festival entrants.

“They wanted something secure and internal that they can’t get from another platform,” says Dennison.

Tiers of service at uStudio provide 50GB, 100GB, or 150GB of storage, and custom options are available. All levels offer unlimited video views, unlimited encoding, metadata management, and site analytics. Unfortunately, the company won’t disclose pricing. Distribution to free sites in included, while distribution to curated sites and apps is an extra.


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  1. Couple things.
    1) Great to see someone is attempting to come up with a better Tubemogul oneload as they dont seem to be putting much support behind it.

    2) BUT – Is this a paid post? I dont see any disclosure but certainly smells like a paid post. Certainly NOT objective.

    3) I signed up, tried the service, and emailed their support as there are definitely bugs – never once heard a single response – so, certainly more to doo.

    Posted by Joe | June 4, 2012, 7:40 pm
    • Hi Joe — No, it’s not a sponsored post. For the record, this site has never run a sponsored post. This is a profile of a company I thought looked interesting.

      Posted by Troy Dreier | June 4, 2012, 10:47 pm
      • Thanks Troy. It just sounded so good that I assumed it could be paid but you’re right, I’ve never seen a sponsored post.. Anyway, thanks for responding. Ill take another look at their service.

        Posted by Joe | June 7, 2012, 2:34 pm
  2. Hi Joe, this is Jen, the CEO of uStudio. Sorry to hear that your experience wasn’t everything we strive for. All emails from our customers and trial users are important to us and we take feedback seriously. Please feel free to contact me about your concerns if they haven’t already been addressed.

    P.S. I can assure you that this was not a paid post.

    Posted by Jen Grogono | June 4, 2012, 11:01 pm
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