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Take a Video Demo of WeVideo’s Online Editor

This site has been covering WeVideo, an online browser-based video editor, since the day the platform launched back in September, 2011. That’s why we were excited to get a one-on-one demo of the editor from the company’s vice president of product experience, John Canning. We caught up with Canning at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, where he was demonstrating WeVideo on the bustling show floor. Canning was happy to give us a look at the editor, which we’re sharing in the video below. If you assumed that a browser-based editor had to be bare bones, take a look at this.

One of WeVideo’s main strengths is that it lets teams work collaboratively, making it ideal for companies new to online video. There’s no software to install and not much to learn. Because everything is stored online, it’s easy for team members to get a look at a video during editing and even make their own changes.

WeVideo recently announced that it’s offering a Google Drive app, allowing companies to store video online inexpensively with Google Drive and then edit it with WeVideo.

For more on WeVideo, read our in-depth review.


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  1. very pretty!

    Posted by Lady Anne Canlas | May 29, 2012, 9:52 am
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