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Put Calls-to-Action Directly Inside Your Video with Viewbix

Get your customers engaged. A clever young company called Viewbix has created a way to add apps directly to the video player, apps that can sign up viewers for a newsletter, sell products, or link to a Twitter feed, to give just a few examples.

Sure, you could place the same items on the page around the player, but viewers respond more when these apps are a part of the player window itself.

“When you’re in the viewing window, you’re more likely to take some kind of action,” says Jonathan Stefansky, Viewbix’s CEO.

Besides being more noticeable, Viewbix apps allow the viewer to get more information about your company or service without leaving your site.

Viewbix apps are self-service and can be installed on any video in under three minutes, says Stefansky. The company provides analytics to users, so that they can see which apps are being used. More than 20 percent of Viewbix viewers take some kind of action when watching a video, he adds. That’s a huge percentage for call-to-action success.

While Viewbix isn’t targeted to any one type of company, Stefansky notes that different verticals use it in different ways. For example

  • Real estate firms use Google maps to show property locations, Skype for calling, RSS feeds for listing updates, newsletter subscription sign-ups, weather apps, and Twitter and Facebook feeds.
  • Service companies use apps to offer more information about their products.
  • Educational video companies use apps to offer contextual information on lectures, such as slideshows.
  • Nonprofits use apps to collect donations and get newsletter sign-ups.
  • Bands use the apps to offer samples of their songs.

“We’re seeing so many different verticals that are taking advantage of the Viewbix platform,” notes Stefansky.

Companies can try Viewbix for free, thanks to a Basic plan that works with up to two players. The Pro plan adds branding and analytics, and starts at $19.95 per month.

For more on Viewbix, watch the video below (used courtesy of Beet.TV).


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