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Get a Video Demo of LiveU, for Affordable Live Streaming

In case you couldn’t make it to last week’s Streaming Media East conference in New York City, we’re bringing some of the event to you here.

Yesterday, we showed you a demo of browser-based video editor WeVideo from the conference’s exhibit hall. Today, we’ve got a demo of LiveU, a compact product that lets companies stream events live over the internet. This kind of high-quality live event production used to take a satellite truck to pull off. Now, it takes a device that fits in a backpack.

Guiding us in this video is Ken Zamkow, LiveU’s director of sales and marketing, who was happy to show us LiveU’s highlights and even discuss pricing.

The secret of LiveU’s success is that it sends video over 3G and 4G cellular lines. It uses multiple connections at a time, so that if one cellular provider is weak in that area, your video stream will still get through. A single LiveU appliance might contain up to 14 cellular modems, and it aggregates those connections so that video is delivered smoothly. LiveU rents its equipment, so that companies can stream live events only when needed and pay far less than if they were purchasing.


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