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5 Sure-Fire Approaches to Attract Viewers to your Online Videos

Enough with the talking-head videos! Just because you’re creating online videos for your business, don’t think that they have to look so business-y.

You’ll attract a lot more eyeballs, it turns out, if you loosen you tie and create fresh, innovative videos that people want to watch. Even if you’re creating how-to or orientation videos, try an entertaining approach that will keep people engaged.

To help you out, social video measurement firm Visible Measures this week posted a blog entry listing the top five approaches for social videos, as measured in the first quarter or 2012. Below are Visible Measures’ results, along with the videos it chose to highlight each example.

1. Humor

Humor videos received 489 million views in the first quarter or 2012, showing that nothing attracts attention like comedy. People want to laugh, so take an offbeat approach to your videos.

2. Celebrities

If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire national celebrities for your videos, think locally. There are plenty of local entertainers, news readers, or sports personalities who would enjoy an occasional corporate gig. Celebrity videos received 326 million views in the first quarter.

3. Activism

This was a big quarter for advocacy videos, thanks to Kony 2012. The category earned 227 million views in the first quarter. Think of causes that your company is already associated with, then find personal stories to tell.

4. Animation

It’s not just for kids anymore, and it received 181 video views in the first quarter. Think unconventionally for ways to create animated videos on a limited budget. You could try, for example, shooting a whiteboard video: film a whiteboard as an artist draws the concepts you want to convey, then speed up the result to create an entertaining simple animation video.

5. Product Demonstration

Got a new product? Show off all the impressive new features with a glossy video. Put your product center stage and let it sell itself. This category netted 138 million video views in the first quarter.


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