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YouTube: The Care and Feeding of a Brand Channel

Creating a brand channel for your company on YouTube isn’t the final stop on your journey to get social media attention: it’s only the beginning. While a brand channel gives you a place to list your videos and create a tailored environment for your fans, those people will expect to see new content regularly. But who has the time or resources to create several new videos each week?

Luckily, you don’t have to. There are other ways to add content to your channel. At the recent OMMA Global conference in San Francisco, California, Eric Meyerson, head of video advertiser marketing at YouTube, suggested other ways to increase the number of videos on your brand channel.

While original content should be the basis of your channel, you can add to that by curating other videos from YouTube. Travel companies, for example, can include especially good vacation videos for destinations they serve.

A third way to add content is to get your customers to create it for you. Create a brand spokesperson who asks questions on video and requests replies. Create a contest with a prize and invite submissions. Tell customers to send in videos of themselves using your products. Be creative — there are many ways to invite your customers to participate.

Tending a brand channel can cause anxiety, but it doesn’t have to. Just pull in great content from elsewhere on YouTube and treat your customers like partners. Be sure to tag and caption all your videos: it’ll help with search engine results.

For more, watch Daisy Whitney’s New Media Minute video on building YouTube brand channels below.


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