Sony Vegas Shows New Editing Tools at NAB Meetup

At a rollicking Sony Vegas meetup held the first night of the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference, Vegas devotees got a first look at two new tools for audio and video editing.

Sony's Dave Chaimson throws boxed copies of Vegas to the crowd.

The first, ThemeBuilder, was created by the California-based NewBlue, Inc, a company known for blending technology and art. ThemeBuilder is a plug-in for Vegas Pro that lets users create intelligent templates for video projects.

ThemeBuilder offers the ability to replace assets without the need for re-editing; design custom replaceable text and media fields, then enter information into a single user interface; and perform real-time emulation and error testing.

The second, Spectral Layers, is an audio editing platform that offers a visual workflow and precise sound shaping abilities. It was creating by Divide Frame, a developer based in Paris. Divide Frame is known for bridging the gap between broadcast pros and emerging technologies.

Spectral Layers lets users un-mix audio files into discrete layers and process those layers independently; apply a range of user-defined sensitivities and tolerances to modify audio; and import 32-bit 192 kHz files (in the enterprise version).

“Now more than ever, video editors require robust editing tools like ThemeBuilder to automate repetitive tasks while retaining complete control over their projects. ThemeBuilder for Vegas Pro is one of the only plug-ins available that takes an existing timeline and develops a reusable theme, giving users the ability to quickly exchange media without wasting valuable production time,” said Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software. “On the audio side, Spectral Layers redefines what can be accomplished in the editor’s suite by giving users the ability to reach directly into and operate on waveform spectra. Spectral Layers holds universal appeal for audio mastering engineers, sound designers, archivists, and professionals who demand deep, intelligent audio analysis tools.”

Both products are in the final stages of development and will be available this summer.


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