How to Get a Branded Video Page on Vzaar

Low-priced online video platform (OVP) Vzaar has introduced an interesting new feature called the Branded Video Page. Rather than a video portal or player that lives on your site, the branded page is a standalone destination that features one video. You can customize that page so it matches your company’s branding.

Why would I want that?, you may be asking. The Branded Video Page doesn’t serve the same purpose as other video on your website. It’s not meant to lure visitors, but to showcase your work. Rather than building an entirely new page on your site, you can use a Branded Video Page to deliver videos to your clients for approval, share content over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or circulate corporate training videos in-house. It lets you create useful one-shot pages that exist separately from your site.

Thanks to this release, customers can create branded pages that have the look of the parent site. They can control the background, titles, logos, and even the  look of the player itself.

For Vzaar customers, here’s how to get started with a Branded Video Page.

1. Log into your account and click over to your Branded Video Page settings. The site offers three templates titled Westminster, Vauxhall, and Camden (can you tell the company is in the U.K.?).

If you want your branded page to match your company’s Twitter page, Vzaar can save you a lot of bother: just enter your user name and click “Fetch from Twitter.” It will then automatically grab the color scheme, logo, and background from your Twitter account.

2. Enter your details, such as page title and a description. You can also add a Twitter page and link. Feel free to leave any of these blank: they’re not required.

3. Next, you’ll upload a company logo and a background image. Vzaar recommends saving your logo as a .png file with transparency, so that it blends in with the background. As for the background image, you have the option of tiling or stretching it to fit the space.

4. The last step is to choose your color scheme. You can set the page color, text color, video box color, and video box text color. You can even set the opacity level for each color.

Vzaar customers can create branded looks for each video they store on Vzaar. To see how other companies customized pages, look to these examples from TopGolf, Arena Flowers, and Obvious Engine.


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  1. I’m having a hard time seeing the value of Vzaar. I think it’s detrimental to only feature one video and YouTube offers the same feature with better options and it’s free. No knocks to the author though, I appreciate the descriptive walk through.

    Posted by Addison Whitney | April 12, 2012, 8:42 am
  2. This is the first phase of one business feature of many that distinguishes vzaar from a free service like YouTube. Although YouTube does offer some light customization, they don’t offer anything quite like the Branded Video Pages – you’re still always going to have a very visible YouTube branded header.

    We actually do see many businesses sharing single videos on their vzaar pages both internally and on social networks. That said, fully branded sites are in the pipeline.

    Posted by Meghan Grosso | April 15, 2012, 6:23 pm
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