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9 Video Production Tips for Marketers

It’s time your company went beyond the press release and created videos to go along with your news announcements. The team at MultiVu, the multimedia public relations arm of PR Newswire, wants companies of all sizes to know that press releases that include multimedia elements, such as videos or photos, get more attention.

To help companies new to video production, MultiVu created nine tips for getting started. Let these guide you as you put your first news video together.

• Plan it in Pre-Production
Create the concept before you shoot a single frame. Keep in mind that audiences respond to personal narratives and solid storytelling.

• Go HD All the Way
Online video audiences are already used to the sharper look of high definition online video. Don’t shoot in standard definition — it looks cheap.

• Make Up Your Face
It might seem an extravagant expense, but a professional make-up artist can do a lot to make your talent look more trustworthy on camera. If you can’t afford that, make sure everyone (even the men) uses foundation and adds a little color to their cheeks.

• Keep it Short
Online audiences prefer shorter content: they’re more likely to watch and share shorter videos. Aim for 90 seconds total. Think hard before going over three minutes; that’s really pushing it.

• Skip Teleprompters and Jargon
You want to appear trustworthy on camera, and both teleprompters and jargon are big turn-offs to audiences. Yes, they can tell when a person is reading.

• Go with a Pro
If you can afford it, hire an outside production company to create your video. You’ll get better results if you hire someone with experience. Look for a producer who understands the brand identity you’re working to build.

• Upload a Quality Copy
Before uploading to a video sharing site, read up on the specs that work best for that site, then format your video accordingly.

• Feature Your Execs
If you’re creating a dialogue with your audience, look to your company’s senior leadership for your stars. Showcasing them is a great way to humanize your brand.

• Ask a Blogger
Check in with bloggers who cover your industry to see what types of videos they like to feature. Give them quality clips that they can use and they’ll do the marketing for you.

Keep these nine tips in mind and you should find that your press releases get more attention and get featured in more locations.

Cameraman graphic via Shutterstock.


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