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4 Tips for Using Videos to Sell Products Online

As several companies have already learned, having videos on product pages gives a big boost to sales. Customers like to see a product demonstrated before they buy, and video gives a more complete picture than pictures alone can.

Invodo, a company that creates ecommerce videos for online companies, has learned a few things about what works in sales videos. It’s just completed a research report called “Delivering Superior Shopping Experiences via Video” to share its knowledge. Here are four tips from the report.

• Sales Videos Get Watched

For companies that don’t know if creating product sales videos is worth the time and expense, Invodo says don’t worry about it. Site visitors watch product videos 60 percent of the time that they find them. In fact, videos that educate consumers about a product and demonstrate how it looks or works are often watched multiple times prior to making a purchase.

• Sales Videos Boost Confidence

Invodo’s research shows that customers report feeling more confident about their purchase (51 percent) after viewing a product video. Also, they’re less likely to return that product (52 percent).

• Shoppers Prefer High-Quality Videos

If you decide to go the ecommerce video route, don’t do it sloppy. Of those surveyed, 53 percent prefer videos with a professional look. In fact, 47 percent say pro videos are more likely to lead to a purchase. If you decide to shoot your own videos, read up on video production to make sure your videos look and sound professional.

• Don’t Forget Mobile

Everyone needs a mobile strategy nowadays, even ecommerce sites. If you’re putting up videos, you can’t afford to ignore mobile devices. Nearly half of smartphone users (49 percent) have watched product videos in the previous three months, reports Invodo. The number is even higher for tablets (61 percent). Be sure your videos will play on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

“In looking at real feedback from our study, it is crystal clear that consumers expect video as part of their shopping experience, and rely on it when making purchase decisions. The insights from this report will help brands make smarter investments in video that will pay off in a big way,” says Craig Wax, CEO of Invodo.

For more on using online videos to sell products, download the full Invodo report, “Delivering Superior Shopping Experiences via Video,” for free. Registration is required.

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