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YouTube Offers Advice on Succeeding with YouTube

YouTube is the largest and most-trafficked video library online, so take time to learn how to use if more effectively.

Even if you’re posting your videos to your company’s own website, you’ll still want to post to YouTube, as well. It’s a great way to bring attention to your company, and — if you create something really strong — your video might even go viral.

To help video creators succeed, YouTube has just released the second version of its Creator Playbook. The playbook is a 91-page guide full of best practices and tips that can be viewed online (as a Google document) or downloaded to your desktop as a PDF file.

The Creator Playbook is a roadmap to YouTube success from the people who know the site best. It’s broken into three sections: Programming & Producing, Publishing & Optimization, and Community & Social Media.

The Programming & Producing section helps people learn how to hook viewers by capturing their interest early, and how to make videos interactive by including calls to action.

The Publishing & Optimization section explains how video creators can use metadata (such as titles, tags and descriptions) to help viewers find their videos, and how to create thumbnail images that make videos appealing.

Finally, the Community & Social section shows how the process of creating and sharing a video doesn’t end when the video is posted. Readers learn how to use social tools to get viewer feedback, as well as how to reach out to relevant blogs for greater exposure.

Opening and closing sections in the Creator Playbook teach how to use YouTube’s built in analytics tools, and offer a video upload checklist.

New in Two
This second version of the Creator Playbook updates the guide to keep up with YouTube changes. YouTube now offers channel pages and has updated the look of the homepage. The guide offers advice on programming a channel and making the most of the homepage feed.

YouTube is big all around the world, not just in the U.S. Readers will now find a section on optimizing content for a global audience.

The playbook isn’t overly technical, but some of the terms used will be unfamiliar to video newcomers. That’s why it now includes a glossary of terms.

The Creator Playbook is tightly written and is definitely a must-read, even for experienced YouTube-using video creators. Use the doc viewer below to read it or visit the Creator Playbook page to download your own copy.


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