Startup EnaCor Offers Clickable Hotspots to Drive Sales

Looking to add a little interactivity to your videos? If so, you may be interested in EnaCor, a Portland, Oregon-based startup that recently launched a clickable hotspot service, EnaScope, in private beta.

EnaScope has only been in development since July, 2011, but it’s already worth a look for ecommerce sites, in particular. This online video service is able to scan videos for particular images, then create clickable hotspots around those images. So, if you’re selling a shirt with a particular logo on it, you upload a sample of the logo and the action you want built around that image (such as clicking through to a store site), then upload the video itself.

EnaScope analyzes the video and gives you a sample version with the images marked wherever they appear, as well as an annotation file. If you put the original video on your site using the Flowplayer and set it to work with the annotation file, it will display with clickable hotspots around that image. The annotation file dictates the placement of the hotspots, as well as the action.

It’s easier to see the results of EnaScope’s processing than read a description, so take a look at the sample video below to get an idea. It doesn’t contain clickable hotspots, but shows what they would look like.

Since EnaScope launched in private beta, you’ll have to request admission to try it out. According to EnaCor’s CEO, Alan Coppola, his company is looking for 50 to 100 beta testers to try the service in real-world conditions. The processing is highly accurate, he says, with a low number of false positives. During the beta period, the service is free. Coppola thinks EnaCor’s service will appeal mostly to medium-sized businesses and content delivery networks (CDNs).

Anyone attending the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April can take a better look at EnaCor in the Startup Loft area. During NAB, Coppola says, the company will make a public version of its service available and will debut improved features, including integration with more ad network formats.


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