Idomoo Creates Personalized Videos, Launches VaaS Platform

Are you using online videos to communicate your company’s message to your customers? If so, think how much more effective those videos could be if they were personalized, so that each customer got a video tailored to him or her?

That’s the promise of Idomoo, which launched its video as a service (VaaS) platform this week. Idomoo videos combine multiple pieces of personalized content with attractive animations and clear online layouts.

How to use personalized videos? Idomoo suggests that a telecommunicatins company, for example, could send a video bill, one that includes calling details and encourages the customer to switch to a better-suited plan based on usage.

One insurance company uses Idomoo videos to send personal information to customers about their pension plans:

“We know that pension statements can be difficult to understand. Idomoo improved our communication with our customers through personalized videos that walk each customer through their pension statement in a clear and simple manner,” said Eyal Efrat, vice president of systems and business information at Harel Insurance. “Idomoo’s personalized videos had twice the open rate of statements sent by email, and our self-service customer portal saw a 25 percent increase in customer sign-up. In a perfect world we’d be able to communicate personally with each of our customers. Idomoo lets us come very close to that.”

Idomoo is based in Ra’anana, Israel. Visit the site to learn more and request pricing information.


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  1. I agree with points mentioned in the article within third para. Video Bills could be the future trend for co-corporates, great ideas.

    Posted by array | March 15, 2012, 3:46 am
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