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Converting New Business Customers Using Online Video

Most websites are losing money each day because they do a dreadful job of selling products or services to their visitors.

Many marketing channels will keep getting more competitive, and throwing money at advertising is not the answer. Instead, you need to make sure that you are grabbing visitors’ attention immediately when they visit your site. Video is an incredibly effective way to do this.

Just in case you need persuading, here are a couple of jaw-dropping statistics:

  • According to Cisco, video will increase from 30 percent of Internet traffic to 90 percent by 2013.
  • Internet Retailer reports that shoppers who viewed video on Stacks and Stacks product pages were 144 percent more likely to add the item to their cart than other shoppers.

Video is clearly a winning tool when used effectively. This article is going to tackle the subject of how to make an effective video that will convert new business customers. The focus will be on the use of video within the insurance industry, although the points made can be applied to the use of video to promote any industry.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the insurance company, ALA, and its use of video on its site.

ALA has an impressive array of videos on its site, ranging from customer testimonials to videos explaining what gap insurance coverage is and to how to get a quote. However, there are several ways in which it could improve its videos and make them more effective.

Watch these videos from ALA’s site:

Claim Testimonial from Graeme Jones.

This video uses a formulaic script delivered by a customer in a flat, monotone voice. Sound quality is poor and the overall tone is unprofessional; we even hear the customer saying, “press that stop” at the end of the video. The customer also appears to have been persuaded into creating this video. Customer testimonials are all about building trust and if the viewer doesn’t find them believable then they will not work — don’t try to fake it!

It goes without saying though that a nervous customer definitely does not project a favourable image of the company!

Why ALA Are the Best GAP Insurance Provider

This video is far too long. It needs to be cut in half at least. The customer is being bombarded with too much information and will drift off to sleep halfway through.

This video also ends abruptly without a call to action.

The whole point of using video on your site should be to propel your viewer into some sort of action by the end of the video. This may not be an immediate sale, or even a lead at this stage, but at least they should be tempted to sign up for something like a webinar, newsletter, or downloadable PDF.

Tips for Making a Successful Video to Convert New Business

First and foremost, videos should emphasize your company’s unique selling points:

Your video must start by naming the most important reason why a visitor would come to your site. Such as “We provide the cheapest car insurance on the Internet.”

This probably seems like an obvious point, but the name of your company must feature somewhere. Build the name of your company into your script after the first sentence.

Credibility: Next you should state your credibility. How long have you been in the business? A customer looking to purchase insurance will be interested in the financial viability of your company. A customer wants an insurance company that will be around for a while and isn’t going to go bust when they put in a claim. Also, provide a look at the statistics behind your business — how many customers do you have?

Benefits: This means stating things like the price you charge and the good service that you provide. Think about your customers’ fears. What percentage of claims are paid in full? How long does the average claim take to pay? If you have some great benefits, make sure that you talk about them.

A customer wants to be told that that their claims will be dealt with promptly and efficiently. A big fear people have with insurance companies is that the company might try and find every loophole in the clause not to meet their claim.

As an insurance company, you need to reassure customers that you will provide your customers with honest advice from the outset. You will never withhold information from them.

Also, make sure that the tone of your video reflects the nature of your site.

Your video must be content rich and get rid off any superfluous words. Use compelling words that will spur the viewer into action, and make sure that you talk about your company in the present tense. Insurance companies are often perceived as cold and flat. That’s why it’s important to come across as human by showing employees and customers who are dedicated to the company.

Think about the different video formats you could use. Would a box video suit your message best or would you prefer to have a video spokesperson pointing out the different elements on your site?

Below is a video example from, a U.S. online insurance broker. The videos on its site are doing a pretty good job at trying to convert new business.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

In this video, the mixture of text and audio works well at conveying a clear message.

So, too, does the use of a clear example (see below) to explain the amount of cover that a customer typically needs from their life insurance.

The call to action at the end of a video is absolutely crucial:

At the end of this video we are told where to go for more information, and are encouraged to fill out an online form for a free quote.

This is a video that encourages its users to take immediate action.

Life Insure also gives viewers the option to watch all the videos on its site via the company’s YouTube Channel.

Hosting your videos on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine will help increase the audience size. That assumes that your videos are correctly labelled, transcripts are provided, and keyword tags are in place.

It’s worth spending a little bit of extra time creating a video that will promote your company in a clear, concise, and informative manner. The results will speak for themselves!

Author Bio

Neil Davidson is the founder of My Web Presenters, a leading corporate video production specialist. It works with businesses of all sizes to create and market compelling, emotive video that helps them communicate with a specific audience.


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  1. Great introduction to the finer points of video content marketing! I agree authenticity is key. Another important factor when publishing video online for lead generation or sales conversion is publishing your video in an environment where you have more control. YouTube is great and a good choice for many businesses and brands … but if, for example, you want to leverage “click to buy” type messaging on the page or within the player itself, your options are limited. For companies who are publishing video as a way of boosting sales or driving conversions, best practice is to operate your own video site … something our product makes very easy. 🙂

    Posted by Ray Pawulich | February 27, 2012, 7:30 pm
    • Hi Ray
      Thanks for the feedback.
      You raise a really good point that Youtube is a bit of a walled garden when it comes to pushing traffic to your other web properties. There are just the text links in the description as an option, which is not a great one compared to in video calls to action.
      I will take a look at your product.

      Posted by Neil Davidson (@WEBPRESENTER) | February 27, 2012, 9:12 pm
  2. I think animated videos or high speed sketch videos also make your website energised. For example, or RSA Animate style is quite good.

    We use the above two styles along with video testimonials which create awesome results.

    I think being active on YouTube communities is helpful in attracting more clients. However I felt vimeo is better for video portfolios. What do you think.


    Posted by SollyLabs | February 29, 2012, 9:56 pm
  3. Hi Sollylabs
    Thanks for commenting.
    I have been impressed by a lot of the animated videos that i have seen recently, they are really effective in getting a clear message across – Hubspot have a great one on their homepage.
    Personally i have not been active in Youtube communities so cannot comment on the value of doing so but I agree that taking part in social communities is incredibly important in building a strong reputation in your industry.

    Posted by Neil Davidson (@WEBPRESENTER) | March 2, 2012, 12:20 am
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