What Is ‘Earned Media’ Worth? Jun Group Says 30 Percent

Online video advertisers want their customers to take action after viewing their ads, but does that lead to additional value for the advertiser? A study by Jun Group, a social video platform, finds that social video programs pay off.

If you’ve been confused by the term “earned media,” here’s how Jun Group defines it: actions that viewers take after watching a social video ad. It could include visiting a Facebook page, fan page, or coupon page, or taking some other action like emailing the ad to a friend or tweeting about it.

For it’s study, Jun Group placed a value on each possible action, and used conservative numbers. For example, visiting a brand’s Facebook page was worth $1.00, which Jun Group says is on the low-end of cost-per-click advertising.

It then analyzed the 7.9 million views received by viewers who were opting-in to see ads in exchange for currency or virtual rewards. Ads ranged in length from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

Jun Group found that brands received 30.1 percent of additional value through earned media activity than what they spent on the campaign. So a $100,000 campaign translated to $130,000 in value.

“Earned media is no longer a viral video fantasy. It is now a viable paid-media strategy that consistently delivers measurable results for everyday brands,” said Mitchell Reichgut, founder and CEO of Jun Group. “We’ve taken the mystery out of earned media and replaced it with complete transparency and clear, tangible metrics.”


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