Getty Remix Contest Returns; $5K Prize for Top Video Editor

Are you ready to put your editing skills to the test, and perhaps win some money while you’re at it? Getty Images’ annual Mishmash contest is back. The contest lets you raid the Getty collections of videos and still images to create something completely new.

Mishmash includes three categories: short story, music video, and video art. All entries need to be between one and three minutes long. Put your creation together with Getty materials, which include content from Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Film, iStockFootage, and Archive Films. In all, the collection has over 825,000 video clips and over 14,000 music tracks.

Entries need to be uploaded to the Mishmash site and are due by February 29, 2012. The contest is open to anyone from around the globe. The global grand prize is $5,000, but there are several smaller prizes, as well. Three regional winners will get $2,000 each, while five country winners will get $1,000 each. Finally, the entry with the most public votes will get $1,000.

The winners will be announced March 19, 2012.

“We are thrilled to announce that Mishmash is back for its third year and are looking forward to seeing how creatives from all over the world use Getty Images’ content to produce such fresh and innovative work,” says Andrew Saunders, senior vice president of creative content at Getty Images.

Last year, to learn what makes a great remix, we talked with Andrew Delaney, head of content for Getty Images. Here, reprinted, are his five tips:

Be Impactful
Making an impact doesn’t just mean fast-cutting. Your finished video needs to have a strong lyrical quality to stand out, and it needs to succeed both visually and aurally. The images and the music need to fit together, but whether you go for a pleasing or jarring effect is up to you.

Be Personal
You want the viewer to identify with the story you’re doing, and that means looking to your own personal experiences.

Make it Fun
This isn’t a class chore. You should have a blast making your remix and that fun should be communicated to the viewers (and the judges). Think of clever juxtapositions of images that you can create. Delaney suggests blending cutting-edge technical images with archival works.

Have a Strong Narrative
You don’t want to simply create an interesting set of images; you want to tell a story. Think of a unique, heart-wrenching story that only you can tell. You want to get an emotional response from your viewer.

Go Real or Surreal
Stretch your muscles and think what kind of a world you want to communicate. Will it be grounded in this world or full of crazy, odd explorations? Decide on a direction and go as far with it as you can.


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