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Dropcam Helps Build Community with Live Video Streams

It turns out that presenting compelling video on the web and entertaining your audience doesn’t have to mean producing costly original content. Some companies build a following by turning a camera on and streaming live exactly what goes on in the workplace.

Consider these five businesses, which all offer live video some of the time:

These companies all build community by offering live video of their operations. But they also have something else in common – they all chose the Dropcam video camera, a low-cost Wi-Fi-enabled camera that offers free live streaming or a video recording with a paid service. While chiefly used for private home monitoring, Dropcam cameras can be used in public mode for live video sharing.

Dropcam announced the newest version of its camera, the Dropcam HD, at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Dropcam HD updates the original with 720p video and night vision that produces a clear image even when there are no lights in the room.

Despite the upgraded features, the Dropcam HD lists for only $149. If you’re just getting it to stream live video to your customers and you don’t want video recording, there’s nothing more to pay.

The camera has undergone a radical cosmetic change with this revision, and is now sturdier and more compact than before. It includes a slim base that can easily be mounted to a wall.

Turn a live video camera on your operations and see how your customers respond to the new viewpoint. Offering a personal glimpse of your operations may reward you with a dedicated group of happy customers.


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