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No Videos? No Problem! Visit AOL’s Editors Room

It’s getting easier than ever to add online videos to your site. How easy is it nowadays? You don’t even need videos.

AOL Video recently launched Editors Room, a site that lets site owners grab premium, timely video content and embed it in their pages. The site offers a library of over 250,000 videos created by partners such as BBC News, Hearst, Meredith, GigaOm,, and Bonnier. The collection is professionally created and is safe for general audiences.

Editors Room is easy to search, as it includes major categories along the top — news, entertainment, fashion, tech, and food — with a pull down menu to the right offering a fuller list, such as parenting, music, and pets. The site also offers themed collections of clips for hot topics. As of this writing, the site is offering Occupy Wall Street and holiday collections on the homepage. Site owners can create playlists of videos or use pre-made playlists.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to add Editors Room videos to your site, consider this: the editors at Huffington Post Media Group testing a beta version of the service by creating two versions of the same content page, one with video and one without. They found that visitors spent 86 percent more time on pages that included embedded video.

You won’t see any ads while browsing Editors Room, so you can quickly view videos that you’re interested in. Of course, the embedded videos on your site will have ads; that’s why you can use them for free. But you can get a cut of that revenue if you’re a partner of 5min Media (the AOL-owned company that runs Editors Room). Anyone interested in becoming a partner needs to contact 5min Media.

Site owners can customize the video player’s color, theme, size, and layout to better fit in with their sites.

“Through our longstanding relationship with publishers we know one of the top pain points they face is increasing revenue on video,” says Ran Harnevo, senior vice president of AOL Video. “The Editors Room not only offers editors a quick and easy way to discover and embed premium video content with their stories, it also offers publishers the opportunity to monetize and increase their yield per page.”

Below is a tech video grabbed from Editors Room:


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