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How to Get the Most from YouTube’s New Analytics Tools

Anyone who’s serious about distributing video on YouTube — and if you have online video content, you really should have a YouTube channel — will welcome the news that YouTube has upgraded its analytics tools. Gone is YouTube Insight, which offered cursory viewer stats; in its place is YouTube Analytics, which goes into more depth on how videos are performing.

The new Analytics starts off with a quick overview screen that shows you your videos’ performance in the previous 30 days, the number of subscribers, and how often your videos were liked, commented on, or shared. Below that you’ll find a list of the top ten videos in your library, as well as simple measurements on who your viewers are and where they’re located.

That overview is only the beginning, however. You can drill down into the measurements to find out why some videos do well. Investigate traffic spikes to find out where your extra viewers are coming from. Learn what videos always do well. You can use the results to create content in the future.

By digging into the subscriber statistics, you can find out when you have large increases or decreases in subscriber numbers. The analytics tools let you measure the effectiveness of putting a call to action inside your videos that asks viewers to subscribe.

Getting on top of social features is crucial nowadays, and YouTube Analytics lets you measure which videos are getting the most comments and shares, so you can build on that.

Digging into the traffic sources can tell you more than just top referrers. Learn how much additional traffic you get from adjusting your thumbnail images. You can also study the effects of cross promotions on video traffic.

Other tools let you compare your traffic to videos with similar lengths, or even learn where viewers stop watching your work.

All this is free, of course, to people hosting videos on YouTube. For more, look at this infographic created by YouTube.


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