Vimeo Offers Perks, Equipment Discounts for Members

Video sharing site Vimeo has been expanding in useful ways, as shown by the recent introductions of Vimeo Pro and the Vimeo Music Store, and now it’s added another extra: Vimeo Perks.

Vimeo Perks is a reward system fro Pro and Plus members that allows them to buy hand-chosen items at a discount from equipment vendors. Retailers working with the program include B&H, Red Giant Software, Letus Direct, Kessler Crane, and GarageCube. The site promises 5 to 25 percent discounts.

Besides offering single products, the program also lists packages designed for different types of video enthusiasts. Vimeo Perks is offering 12 packages from B&H at the start: Beginner’s Basic, Beginner’s Premium, New to DSLR, Small but Sophisticated, Advanced DSLR, Professional DSLR, Travel Package, Action Sports, DSLR Accessories, On-board Light and Sound, Professional Lighting, and Professional Sound.

The offerings will be updated regularly with new products and prices. Vimeo says it will broaden the range of products offered over time. All products and packages are hand-selected by Vimeo staff.

The Perks offerings are meant as an incentive for people to become a member or retain a membership on Vimeo. The site isn’t taking a cut of any of the Perks sales.

“We’ve wanted to do this one for a very long time,” says Dae Mellencamp, Vimeo’s CEO. “I think it’ll be great for the holiday.”


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