VidCaster Now Delivers Free Custom Video Sites

Nothing compares to free, something that the San Francisco, California-based site-building company VidCaster has learned. In October, we brought you news that this startup is offering customized template-built video websites for $39 per month. Now VidCaster is going even lower in price: it’s offering custom sites for free.

The reason it can make this offer is that the free plan uses YouTube as a video host. You’ll still get the same site templates as with VidCaster’s paid plan, letting you make a custom video site in minutes.

“YouTube is home to an amazing amount of video content and now the owners of that content can easily create their own branded destination sites,” says Kieran Farr, VidCaster’s CEO and co- founder. “And because VidCaster Free automatically syncs with a YouTube channel, no maintenance is required beyond the initial setup.”

With the free plan, users can add their company logo to their site, choose colors, and select the configuration that works best for their needs.

Getting viewers to find your videos is key, so it’s helpful that the free plan includes video SEO (search engine optimization).

“If you take a YouTube embed code and just paste it into, say, a blog post, search engines actually don’t know that it’s a video so users searching for your video will have a hard time finding it. With our automatic video SEO, that’s not something you have to worry about — it just works,” Farr explained.

Using VidCaster Free with your own domain name will cost you $20 per year. The company is certainly hoping that the free plan introduces companies to the VidCaster interface and give them incentive to upgrade to the Silver ($39 per month) and Gold ($99 per month) plans, which offer branded video players, the ability to run ads, and the ability to edit the site’s CSS and HTML.


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