Swivl Available for Pre-Order, Camera Mount Follows Movements

Even if you’re filming yourself, you can still capture all the action as you move around the room. Or, at least, you’ll be able to soon. The Swivl, a self-propelled camera mount will launch in early 2012.

The Swivl is a compact mount that works with the iPhone, iPod Touch, Flip, GoPro, and any Android phone. The person being filmed holds a small sensor, letting the mount track his or her movements. The Swivl can be used for video blogging, demonstrations, or outside activities.

When used with an iPhone 4 or 4S, or a fourth generation iPod Touch, the user can control video functions with the remote sensor, as well. All Apple devices will charge through the Swivl.

The Swivl got its startup financing through a page on IndieGoGo. People who believed in the concept pledged from $5 to $750 to help its creation. The developers raised $24,680 this way.

Buyers can pre-order the Swivl for $159.99. The developers promise to show off a working pre-release model at the upcoming CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January.

“Our vision has always been to deliver a compelling experience through Swivl’s unique user interface, amazing (and smart) design, and by listening to our most important influencers, the users. We heard all of your wants and concerns when it comes to mobile video in your lives, and we listened,” said Brian Lamb, co-founder of Swivl’s parent company Satarii, in a blog post.

Visit the company’s Vimeo page to see a video of the Swivl in action.


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