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YouTube’s Online Editing Tools: A Video Walkthrough

Now you can have the immediacy of shooting video in the field and uploading it directly to your company’s YouTube channel for your viewers, while still being able to edit it. That’s because YouTube has upgraded its online editing tools, so that you can make trims or add stabilization to your uploaded clips. It offers just the essentials, letting you polish your clips without the hassle of uploading them to a computer first.

We’ve already written about the new editing features and how to use them. Now, because they’re so useful, we’re offering this video walkthrough (courtesy of

In this video, Jason Toff, product manager for YouTube, explains who the tool is for, how it differs from YouTube’s previous browser-based video editor, and what features it offers.

“Our goal with this is to increase the quality of content on YouTube. That’s good for us, it’s good for users, so we’re just trying to give basic tools to users to make it easier to make their videos look better,” says Toff.

Cell phone videographers are increasingly a part of YouTube’s contributors, notes Toff. For them, being able to upload through their phones and then edit online is much more useful. Because edits are performed on Google servers, contributors are able to see their changes instantly on YouTube.

Scroll down to view the entire video.


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