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The Apple iPhone 4S: Five Things You Need to Know

Apple didn’t launch the iPhone 5 today, surprising anyone who believed the rumors, but it did announce the iPhone 4S. After looking at the specs, we say, “What’s in a name?” The iPhone 4S comes with enough improvements to make it a strong successor to the iPhone 4.

Naturally, the iPhone 4S is far more than a phone. For anyone working in online video, it can help you do your job more efficiently. Here are the top five new features you need to know about.

1. 1080p HD Video Recording

The iPhone already shot strong video, but now it records at a higher resolution. If you update your site with quick clips shot on-the-go — perhaps at a trade show or when visiting customers — the iPhone 4S will be great to have on hand. While it won’t replace your primary camera, it’ll work well for quick jobs.

2. Improved Five-Element Lens

The iPhone 4S’s camera has been greatly improved, and we can’t wait to try it out. It includes a larger lens and an f/2.4 aperture, shooting 8 megapixel photos (compared to 5 megapixel for the iPhone 4). Lens and software improvements mean that it’s able to take brighter and sharper photos, and take them faster than before.

3. Doubled Download Speeds

The iPhone 4S’s dual antenna design lets users download data at twice the previous speeds, even over a 3G connection. While this isn’t a 4G phone, Apple says it’s able to get 4G speeds — theoretically up to 14.4 Mb per second. If you regularly need to view video while away from a computer, you’ll appreciate the time savings.

4. iCloud Keeps You in Sync

It’s a wireless world and Apple is finally catching up. The company’s new iCloud service gives all users 5GB of free online storage (you can buy more) and keeps files and folders current on all your computers and devices. You won’t need to wonder if you have the latest version of a document with you — it’ll just be there.

5. iMessage Supports Videos

The upcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 5, includes a tool called iMessage that makes it simple to exchange text messages, photos, and videos with other iOS 5 users. If you’ve captured a clip that you want a coworker to see, you can easily send it over. iMessage notes are unlimited, so use it all you want.


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