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Selling with Online Video: 4 Tips from The North Face

What’s working in online video? Ask a major retailer that’s invested heavily in the medium. At a recent Ooyala video seminar, Shay Miles, digital marketing manager for outdoor clothing retailer The North Face explained what the company is doing with online video and what’s driving sales.

Here are four tips that any online retailer can use. For more, scroll down to watch the entire video interview (used courtesy of Beet.TV).

1. Show a Mix of Videos
The North Face offers two types of sales videos, explains Miles: expedition and grassroots. The expedition videos focus on outdoor adventure, and communicate the brand’s ideas. The grassroots videos show off the clothing itself in a personal way. The two categories complement each other and provide variety.

2. Demonstrate Value
If your product has a “sophisticated price point,” as Miles puts it, use your videos to show customers what they’re getting for their money. Shoppers will gravitate to higher-end goods if they think they’re getting value. Online videos are one way you can show the superiority of your products.

3. Cover all Platforms
The North Face doesn’t limit its videos to one device, but makes sure they’ll play on all mobile platforms. The company is also working more with social media, letting its fans spread the word about their favorite products or videos.

4. Videos Aren’t Just for Online Use
If you have physical stores, use your videos there, as well. The North Face does, and it finds that they do just as good a job at communicating to buyers and creating an ambiance in the stores as online.


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  1. Great application of internet video for businesses. North Face get it! Love the term “sophisticated” price point, but most importantly, they explain why and where there is value in the product. I call this approach being authentic and is the driving force behind Educating the consumer is the bottom line here and that is what is appealing to consumers. No BS. No selling. Just informative and respectful of my internet time. Well done.

    Posted by Don Dewar | October 26, 2011, 11:48 am
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