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Get Your Videos Shared: 5 Tips from AOL

“Sharing videos and our focus on it is really just in response to what’s happening globally with social media,” said Karen Cahn, vice president for branded partnerships at AOL. “Social media is the number one thing people are doing, and they’re sharing with friends.”

Cahn was interviewed last week at the OMMA Video conference in San Francisco, California. Since sharing is crucial to a video or a brand’s success, AOL decided to look at the production elements that make a video highly shared.

Here are a few tips Cahn shared from AOL’s research and experience. Use them for your own videos to get better pass-along results.

  • In entertainment videos, the most-shared were those that offered exclusives, such as exclusive music performances. While you likely can’t get an exclusive song from a top-ten artist, think about information or experiences you can give your viewers that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • For fashion videos, the most-shared clips featured a trusted name or “fashionista.” Think about what industry celebs you can feature in your videos. If you don’t have an expert to turn to, create your own.
  • Think about your goals before you create your video. Know what results you want to see: it could be shares, likes, or comments. Your goal could be to drive ROI or brand awareness. Understand clearly what you’re going after from the start.
  • Test and learn. Producing videos nowadays isn’t that expensive, so try out different versions of your videos to see what performs best with your audience. Try two-, three-, and five-minute lengths, Cahn advises. Create versions with different lighting, music, or hosts. Put visual emphasis in different areas. Test the versions against each other to see where you get the most shares or other results.
  • Be your own focus group. Would you share the video you’re creating, if you came across it online? Ask yourself, “Is this quality content that I would actually share in my life outside of work, with a friend” Cahn asks. If the answer is yes, she said, then you’re on the right path.

Scroll down to view the entire video interview (video used courtesy of Beet.TV).


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