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Move Big Video Files Easily with Video Compressor Latakoo

One of the biggest problems in working with video files is simply moving them. If your camera person is in one location and your editor in another, how do you move that uncut file without taking too much time? New company Latakoo has the answer.

Latakoo works by compressing large video files to just five percent of their original size. Then, videos can be sent over regular email as attachments. The interface was designed for maximum ease, so that users don’t need to understand anything about compression to get good results.

In the below video (used courtesy of Beet.TV), Jade Kurian, the president of Latakoo, explains how the cloud-based system works, letting users download videos in a variety of formats, not just the original.

Emphasizing the ease of the one-click compress-and-send Latakoo system, she contrasts it with Sorenson Squeeze, which new users could find complex.

“Video professionals sometimes use things like Sorenson Squeeze. It’s very complicated: you’re compressing, you practically need an engineering degree to be able to do that, and then uploading,” Kurian said.

So far, Latakoo has found an audience with television stations and newsrooms. During Huricane Irene, Kurian explained, mobile news crews were able to send video using Latakoo when their satellite trucks weren’t able to connect; satellite reception was weak, but the cell towers were still operational.

Latakoo relies on free desktop software using open source compression, and a cloud-based system that charges by the minute of uploaded material.

“We charge you like a cell phone plan: by the minute, or you can buy a recurring plan month-to-month and you can choose how many minutes you want,” said Kurian.

If moving files is a bottleneck for your organization, Latakoo should be on your list of possible solutions.


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