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Looking for an HTML5 Video Player? We’ve Got the Site for You has just re-launched, and this tremendous HTML5 video resource (second only to our own Ultimate HTML5 Video Guide) has added a useful resource for sites that want to stream open source video.

If you’re not familiar with the site, is owned by Kaltura, the online video platform that’s a big supporter of both open source software and HTML5 video. We spoke to Michael Dale, lead engineer for HTML5 video at Kaltura.

New to the site is the HTML5 Player Comparison chart. This at-a-glance chart shows developers all the HTML5 video players available, as well as key specs about them. Developers can see right away which player will work with their project, based on the JavaScript library they’re using and the features they need.

Viewers can also drill down on any player to see it in use and get more specs.

What sets this chart apart from other HTML5 video player comparisons is that it’s a wiki. Readers can add useful information whenever they want. Even though it’s only been online for a few days, Dale says that a few people have already created accounts and modified information.

By creating a wiki,’s creators hope their comparison will be more up-to-date and accurate than the others. HTML5 video player comparisons can get outdated quickly, since new features are constantly being added. Dale will monitor the changes to make sure they’re all legitimate.

So far, all but one of the players is free. While the JW Player and Video JS are the popular choices, different players are right for different situations. The team at have made one specialty table so far, listing GPL-licensed players with subtitle support, which sits below the main table. Dale says they’ll be creating others in the future to help developers find exactly they players that work in different situations. Readers who know Semantic MediaWiki can create their own tables, he says.

“With, we are building community infrastructure to help developers, integrators, and content producers make use HTML5 video on the Web today,” says Dale. “We want to make it easy for people be informed about the wide range of HTML5 player options and features available.

If you’re adding HTML5 video to your site, be sure to check it out and find out which player is right for you.


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