How to Use the Vimeo Music Store

On Wednesday of this week, video sharing site Vimeo launched its own Music Store. It’s an easy-to-use one-stop destination for video creators who need to find inexpensive licensed music to add to their works.

The site offers three types of licenses for its tracks:

  • Creative Commons license: These tracks are free to use, generally for non-commercial works
  • Personal: These tracks cost $1.99, but the license is only for non-commercial online use.
  • Commercial: This license is $98 per track, and it’s good for professional use online.

1. Use Search Terms

To start, head over to the Vimeo Music Store. The site’s 45,000 tracks have been tagged with keywords that describe the genre, tempo, theme, mood, and instrument of the piece. You search by using those terms. When you click in the search box, you’ll see a window pop up with the terms you can use. Get as specific as you like: look for a medium-tempo, sexy jazz piano piece, for example.

2. Filter Your Results

Clicking the Advanced Options link (right under the search field) calls up advanced filtering possibilities. You can filter by length, price, license, or provider. You can even choose whether or not there are vocals or remove tracks that have adult references.

3. Save the Songs You Like

If you need to get other people’s approval before buying a song, you’ll appreciate the save option. To save a selection, mouse over the number next to the name of the track. You’ll see the number change to a star. Click the star to save the track. You don’t need to be signed in for this to work. Saved tracks appear in the My Saved Tracks tab, for easy reference.

4. Choose Your License

If you’re getting a paid track, you’ll need to choose either a personal license or commercial license. Once you’ve done that, check out.

That’s all there is to it. With easy search options, low prices, and helpful filters, the Vimeo Music Store could become your go-to source for soundtracks.

By the way, check out Vimeo’s humorous intro to the store, below.


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