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Create a Break-out Strategy for Your Videos

If you want to create a dedicated audience for your online videos, start at the very beginning: the concept. Make it totally unique, urges Steve Woolf, vice president of content at Make it something even a video-loving Internet audience hasn’t seen before. Finding an audience for scripted online programs can be a tough sell. If your show isn’t original, you’ll never get the viewers’ attention.

“Don’t make it about two guys in a living room in Hollywood, because there’s 50,000 shows like that out there,” says Woolf.

As you set out to build your show, the audience engagement metric is the one you want to keep an eye on. That’s the one that measures how many people watched your video all the way through. If a high percentage of viewers completed your video, says Woolf, it means that they really liked it and there’s a good chance you can successfully grow your audience.

You’ve likely heard that you should syndicate your videos widely, to reach the greatest number of eyeballs. That’s true, but Woolf says you should take a timed approach when distributing videos.

Start by creating a website for the series and building an audience there.

Once you’ve got a steady following on your own site, start putting your work on video sharing sites like YouTube, and social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to build new audiences without cannibalizing the first one.

As you add new episodes to your online video series, create a release schedule showing how you’ll reach all your outlets. You might give your own website a one week exclusive on new videos, then have a YouTube window and a Facebook window. Do whatever order works best for your videos. The key is to follow your schedule rigorously every time.

“You definitely want to have an approach and you want to execute it with the ultimate consistency. Consistency is everything,” says Woolf.

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