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Blip.TV Is Changing its Video Ad Strategy — and You Should, Too

Do you serve ads on your video content? If so, you should know what online video network Blip.TV just discovered: the more people are hooked on your programming, the more they’ll tolerate ads.

Blip.TV will use that knowledge to offer fewer ads to viewers until they’re invested in a program.

“We’re looking at products for new viewers, for example, that may be like a five-second bumper saying ‘This episode and the next three episodes of the show are brought to you commercial-free by this advertiser,'” says Mike Hudack, Blip.TV’s CEO.

In fact, loyal fans of an online show usually have a 100 percent rate of viewing pre-roll advertisements.

In the latest New Media Minute (below, used courtesy of Beet.TV), Daisy Whitney reveals that online video ad spending is due to rise 52 percent this year. In order to get their share of the increased spending, online content owners are learning the speak the language of TV, so they can communicate value to TV ad buyers.

Measuring service Nielsen is refining how it gauges online programming, creating a GRP (gross rating point) score for online video that’s like that used in TV advertising. The result should help advertisers better compare the effectiveness of broadcast and online advertising. But the result goes even further than with TV, since Nielsen is turning to Facebook for demographic data. Letting advertisers select exactly the audience they want to reach will make online video ads more valuable that TV spots.

Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings, which launched in mid-August, offer stats for reach, frequency, and GPR. Prior to launch, Nielsen beta tested the service with 80 brands.

Watch the full video below for more on keeping viewers and appealing to major advertisers.


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