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When Will Advertisers Warm Up to Online Video?

Online video delivers the same viewers as broadcast TV and cable, and it allows advertisers to focus on the viewers they want to target most. So why is it having such a hard time attracting ad dollars?

That was the topic that a panel of video experts tackled during the Beet.TV Leadership Webcast, which was recorded in the AOL studios in New York City. The panel included Jason Krebs, chief media officer at Tremor Video, Molly Sugarman, director of digital media innovation at Horizon Media, and Seraj Bharwani, chief analytics officer at Visible Measures.

Online video companies need to educate marketers and make them feel more comfortable with online video, said Krebs. It’s crucial to show ad companies and brands that online video advertising has value.

“If that means proving that we can show an ad to somebody when that consumer is considering their competitors, that’s valuable. When we can show an ad to someone and say, ‘Look, this person has viewed this completely,’ that’s very valuable,” said Krebs.

Delivering engaged consumers and putting ads on valuable content creates the perfect three-legged stool, said Krebs, satisfying the consumer, advertiser, and publisher. Proving that online video advertising works even means proving that it leads to higher sales.

To Sugarman, standardization and VAST (video ad serving template) compliance will make the difference. The industry needs to standardize assets and how it measures results. Marketers will see the value of online video advertising, she said, when we have a standardized measurement system that works with computers, tablets, and connected TVs.

For Bharwani, branded content will get a boost as producing long-form online video gets cheaper and viewers pass along the quality videos they’re seeing. As that happens, the challenge will be to keep advertiser-sponsored videos from showing up in unintended places, meaning pages that the advertiser wouldn’t approve of.

For more from the panel, watch the below video (used courtesy of Beet.TV).


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