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Use Video Mashups to Engage Your Viewers

If you’ve been busy creating online video for your company’s site, maybe it’s time to take a break and let your viewers do some of the work.

Allowing video mashups is a great way to add some interest to your site and involve your viewers. If you have a hot entertainment product and an engaged audience, they’ll love the idea of mixing and editing clips to create their own work. If you need a way to motivate your site’s visitors, create a video mashup contest with prizes.

If you’ve never heard of a video mashup, it’s where an editor takes several diverse video clips and turns them into something new, often something humorous. Mashup movie trailers are popular on video sharing sites.

HBO used a mashup contest to promote its original show Eastbound & Down. Viewers were challenged to make a tribute video to the show’s antihero, Kenny Powers. They accessed the mashup tool from the show’s Facebook page.

Besides being a fun exercise, mashups can improve your business. Here’s how:

  • Improve viewer’s attitudes about your brand: If your site’s visitors are having run remixing your videos, they’ll have positive feelings about your company.
  • Drive viewership: Don’t confine the mashups to your site, let them be shared across the Web. Each one is an ad for your site.
  • Create new content: Having a mashup tool or contest is an ideal way to create new video for your site – fun video that people will want to see.
  • Increase viewing times: If people are creating mashups on your site and watching mashups created by others, they’re sticking around longer. Better metrics will help your ad sales team.

To start with a video mashup contest, first decide what clips you want to let people use and then decide if you want to use an online editing program or let them download clips to their desktops and edit there. If you use an online tool, the creation process will be simpler, so that more people can be involved. If you let people download clips and edit on their own computers, you’ll get higher quality entries, since people won’t be limited by an online tool’s features, although you may not get as many entries.

Some companies make adding a video mashup contest easy. Reality Digital, for example, offers a Flash-based video mashup tool with sharing and ratings features that you can add to your site. It also includes metrics, so you can see how popular your contest is.

Software company Filemobile also offers a mashup tool. It’s a white label application that can merge with any site.

While video mashups have been around for years, people are more comfortable working with video than ever before. Try a video mashup contest and see if it helps your brand.


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  1. the video mashup sounds like a great way to make things…even more interactive online.

    Posted by John B. | August 24, 2011, 10:13 pm
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