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Streaming to the TV; Should Your Company’s Videos Be There?

For many people, it started with Netflix. That was the low-cost, high-value service that got them to connect their living room TV to the Internet. It’s not ending, there, though.

Living room streaming is exploding, whether through set-top boxes like the Roku (shown here), game consoles, or connected TVs. Connected TVs have apps built in that can pull content on-demand.

While most of the attention for living room streaming is going to premium content (think Hollywood), it’s possible to get your own channel so that you can reach people in their living rooms. If your videos are high on entertainment value, it’s a smart move. Check out our article “Get Your Own Roku Channel; Dyyno Makes it Possible” to find out one way to do it. Ooyala also offers an option for creating a branded channel.

If you need convincing that living room streaming is a growing trend, consider these numbers from Daisy Whitney’s New Media Minute (shown here, courtesy of Beet.TV):

Streaming movie leader Netflix says that connected TVs will grow by 36 percent over the next five years. And people are using those connected features: of the homes that currently have connected TVs, 60 percent use the apps at least once a week.

The most popular option for living room streaming is a game console. The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii all support video streaming. New players are moving in quickly: HBO just announced that its HBO Go app, used to access HBO series episodes, will soon be available on connected TVs and video game consoles.

Certainly, HBO knows here the audience is. If you’re ready to follow the trend, check out Dyyno and Ooyala’s options.


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