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LeBrons Producers Give Five Tips for Hitting Big with Advertisers

Believe Entertainment Group has a hand in some of the best looking shows online: it produced The LeBrons and managed the brand engagement and distribution work on the Agility Studios/Paramount show The LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). These are series that look just as slick as TV content, with stories that top the networks.

Founded by Dan Goodman and William H. Masterson III, Believe was designed to be more than a Web series studio. The founders are creating digital platforms, that people will continue to come back to.

Both Goodman and Masterson have advertising experience, which helps explain why Believe does a terrific job of reaching out to advertisers and monetizing original content. They saw the market for digital content expanding and wanted to be a part of it, forming Believe two years ago. We spoke to them to find out what they’ve learned about attracting advertisers to digital series.

1. Start with a Great Idea and Great Talent
There’s no sense in building if you have a rocky foundation. Goodman and Masterson agree that you need a concept that really grabs you if you expect it to grab anybody else. Also, choose your talent wisely. If you can get someone who already has an enthusiastic fan base, that will help spread the word.

2. Consider Your Demographic
Does your idea appeal to the people that your potential advertisers are trying to reach? If you want advertisers that sell to men from 18- to 34-years-old, make sure your show will pull that demographic in.

3. Scale Your Product
Advertisers could easily create their own online videos (and some do), but they often have difficulty building a large audience. If you can pull a big name into your project – like Believe Entertainment did with LeBron James – that guarantees a large fanbase.

4. Think of Smart Ways to Involve the Advertiser
Be creative in how you involve advertisers. They don’t want to simply add a preroll these days; they want to create a meaningful relationship with viewers. For Believe, that meant using the sponsors’ products and showing that off in special behind-the-scenes videos. Believe also used social media channels to drive viewers to custom branded landing pages.

5. Offer Worthwhile Metrics
Advertisers want to know that their investments are getting results. After the campaign has run, show the advertisers measurements that will give them confidence that they’re achieving their goals, whether that means selling products or building awareness.


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