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One thing you can assume about your viewers: they don’t want to watch long online videos any more than you do.

But here’s something you may not have realized: the definition of a long video keeps getting shorter and shorter.

To find out how short an effective online video can be, meet Justin Nassiri, CEO of VideoGenie. That’s him in the video below, used courtesy of Beet.TV.

VideoGenie offers online businesses a unique service: they can use the VideoGenie platform to gather brief video testimonials from their customers, then use those glowing videos however they want.

How brief are the videos that VideoGenie collects? Just 20 seconds, max.

The service makes it simple for anyone to leave a video comment. Once you’ve got VideoGenie on your site, your customers only need a webcam to leave a video. They can even do it with a mobile phone.

An on-screen timer lets them know how much (or how little) time they have left, so they know to move it along.

By keeping it short, you get quality videos that don’t need editing. You can use them right on your site or Facebook page to show what people think of your company. Because the videos are short, viewers won’t mind watching them.

Browse the VideoGenie site and you’ll find novel ways that others are using the service. Levi’s, for example, asked customers “Who inspires you?” and let them record their answers.

Ironically, shorter videos can lead to longer viewing times.

“Our average viewer will watch over two-and-a-half minutes of our video content, because it’s just very authentic, compelling content,” said Nassiri.

We’re not saying that every online video should be 20 seconds, but there’s a lesson in there. If you want people to watch your videos, especially more than one, keep it short.

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