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Create an App with ScrollMotion: Teach Your Videos a New Trick

Today’s feature isn’t about creating better videos. Today’s feature is about doing more with the videos you already have.

Meet ScrollMotion, a company that’s letting content owners tap into the world of tablet computers and create interactive, creative experiences. It allows you to repurpose your existing videos in exciting new ways.

With ScrollMotion, you can create an iPad app that combines text, audio, and video, letting viewers interact with your content by touch. If you’ve got a video library already, you’ll be surprised what you can do with it.

“The opportunity on an iPad is to take that video and incorporate it into all these other multimedia assets, like audio and text and interactivity around video,” says Josh Koppel, ScrollMotion’s cofounder.

In this video, used courtesy of Beet.TV, Koppel explains that ScrollMotion was born from the question, “What other type of interaction could you have with video?”

The result is a software tool that lets users move through videos with their finger. ScrollMotion works equally well if you have a library of entertainment or informational videos. Koppel shows off GE’s annual report, for example, which offers an interactive menu, scrollable pages, and video throughout. No matter what kind of app you’re creating, ScrollMotion offers a fun way to build engagement.

“There’s a lot of different ways to use video,” notes Koppel.

The NFL used ScrollMotion to create a Super Bowl app that featured video from that season. Esquire and O Magazines used it to create magazine apps that seemed to come alive. As the video shows, Robert De Niro seemed to step out of his static Esquire cover.

ScrollMotion is a three-and-a-half-year-old company based in New York City, currently with about 100 employees. It licenses the software that makes these amazing apps, or you can hire its team to do the development for you. Take a look at the video and decide if ScrollMotion could turn your content into a rich, touchable app.

“This is a really beautiful screen for video,” adds Koppel, “and when the video is high-res enough and you’re building an interaction that’s sort-of about the screen, it’s beautiful.”

Scroll down to view the entire video.


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