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Three Tips for Using Live Video for Ecommerce

Having videos on your website is a great way to demonstrate your product or service, but live video lets you build a one-to-one connection that recorded video can’t match.

In the accompanying video (used courtesy of Beet.TV), Stuart Schultz, president of the newly launched BeautyRX Skincare, talks about the power of live video as a sales tool.

His site will soon offer live videos with Dr. Schultz, the creator of the BeautyRX product line. Stuart is excited about the new level of interaction it will bring to the site, although he still isn’t sure if he’ll go with YouTube Live, JustinTV, YouStream, or some other provider for live video.

To get your own live video efforts off the ground, here are three tips:

1. Set a Schedule
If you’re offering recorded video, you can post your clips any time and your viewers will find them. With live video, however, you need to have an audience tuning in or it’s all wasted effort. Let your audience know when you’ll be streaming. Use ads on your site and email blasts to your customers to spread the word.

2. Make a Regular Time
If viewers know that your live stream is at the same time every week or month, they’ll be more likely to tune in. Create a time that works for your schedule and then be sure to stick to it.

3. Deliver Value
The big advantage of live video is that you can hold a conversation with your customers. Set up a way for them to send in questions or comments, then respond to them during the show. You can even set up a video calling feature, so that they can speak their questions face-to-face.

For more online video tips, including the importance of the video player and analytics, watch the full interview.


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  1. Hi Troy,
    Thanks for those 3 great tips.
    We have a service that I think Stuart Schultz and other aspiring Independent Online Live TV Producers will find ideal.
    Read all about it at
    and then sign up to be a Producer at No upfront costs and broadcast immediately.
    Bill Steele

    Posted by Bill Steele | July 28, 2011, 9:41 am
  2. Hiya Troy,
    First disclaimer – I’m the social media manager for ecommerce video provider – we provide automated product platforms for ecommerce websites.

    Obviously my interest and take on videos for ecommerce is very different than yours however I think that one point we both can agree on, regardless of whether you’re talking about production or generated video, is that it’s VERY advisable to keep it short and sweet.

    Across the board stats for viewers attention spans suggest that 60 secs into your video you’ve already lost 50% of your audience…

    : )

    Posted by Mike Darnell | August 7, 2011, 12:49 am
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