FriendlyMusic Adds Tracks and an API for One-step Music Licensing

Just about one year ago, we brought you news that Rumblefish had created a site called Friendly Music, with the goal of making it easy and cheap to license songs for use in online videos. The service costs $1.99 per track, although it’s intended for non-commercial videos.

Today Rumblefish announced that it’s added hundreds of thousands more major label songs to the site. By licensing songs, video makers ensure that YouTube and other video sharing sites won’t block or mute their work. Rumblefish announced that’s it’s licensed more than 4 million soundtracks overall.

The company is also announcing an API (application programming interface), previously in private beta, which developers can use to add music licensing to their creations.

AsĀ  a small- or medium-sized business, here’s what you need to know: While FriendlyMusic offers a $1.99 price for non-commercial videos, it can be used for commercial videos, too, and the price is still cheap.

“Songs in the Rumblefish Music catalog available through the Rumblefish API and on Friendly Music are available for commercial upgrades, starting at $25 per song per video. The ‘FM Upgrade’ is live on the site now. Just send an email request for an upgrade to with a description of the project and we will send a quote back and begin processing the appropriate license,” says Paul Anthony, Rumblefish CEO and founder.

Rumblefish has created a great way to get cheap soundtracks to videomakers and to let artists get paid. Give it a try the next time you’re editing a video.


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