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How Your Business Can Succeed with Video on Facebook

[Editor’s Note: This article and video first appeared on Beet.TV, and we republish it here with kind permission.]

Video can help a brand stand out on Facebook and draw more fans.

Beet.TV recently visited Facebook’s offices in Palo Alto and asked Jennifer Kattula, head of agency marketing, how brands small and large can best use video on the social site. Here are her tips and best practices in this exclusive interview.


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  1. As if she knows what she’s talking about just becasue she works for Facebook. bunch of crap, just more promotion to get you to spend money on Facebook advertising and make these young millioniares even richer. And as if any small or medium size business can afford to produce a video like Old Spice or Nike than can go viral. why don’t you share some actaully valuable, practical info for small businesses.

    Posted by Steve Goldberg | June 23, 2011, 1:04 pm
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