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Add Videos to Your Site Quickly: Creation, Curation, Aggregation

It’s the basic question that every new video site needs to answer: just how are you going to come up with videos? There are three popular ways to do so: creation, curation, and aggregation.

  • Creation means filming and producing original work yourself or through a third-party.
  • Curation means selecting the best videos from those contributed by your site’s visitors or from third-party sites.
  • Aggregation means building a massive library of material from sharing sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo, and letting your viewers search through it on your own site.

During a panel discussion held during the fall Online Video Platform Summit in Los Angeles, four industry experts spoke about each of these three methods, guiding site owners past the pitfalls and showing them the best ways to add valuable videos and attract viewers.

You can view the entire discussion below.

But What About the Content? Curation, Aggregation, and Creation
Moderator: Paolo Tosolini, Enterprise Social Video Consultant, Tosolini LLC
Bruce Alfred, Web Video Consultant, Cobblestone Films
Eric Larnard, Global Head, Multimedia Communications for Financial Markets, Thomson Reuters
Steve Rosenbaum, CEO,
Joseph Rueter, Co-Founder, Curation Station

Perhaps the biggest pain point for many organizations isn’t getting their video online, but rather getting their video created in the first place. Fear not; whether you need to create your own content, have your customers or employees create it for you, or collect it from other sources, there are ways to get high-quality video content on your site without breaking the bank.  This session will examine the growing field of video curation and aggregation services, as well as offer pointers for getting your own content made quickly and inexpensively.


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  1. Great roundtable, however, it would have been nice to see the video examples that Bruce Alfred discussed.

    Posted by Bryan J Zimmerman | May 24, 2011, 8:33 am
  2. Please can you add the Video Samples

    Posted by VideoXite Studio | May 24, 2011, 3:51 pm
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