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How to Make Money from Your Online Videos? Ask

News came out today that the online video ad platform has partnered with Playwire, a new online video advertising platform owned by Intergi Entertainment. Playwire was built to be easy for small- and medium-sized businesses, letting them make money from advertising without a lot of hassle.

Because of the partnership with, Intergi’s network of over 3,000 publishers are able to access additional buyers, earn more revenue, and get more value out of their inventory.

Since the deal is of special interest to those just starting out generating revenue from their online videos, we interviewed Henk Van Niekerk, vice president of business development for, to get his top five tips.

1. Quality Content Matters
There’s a lot of “see my dog ride a skateboard” videos out there, says Van Niekerk, but that’s not where advertisers are buying spots. If you want to attract ads, you’re going to need TV-like quality in your videos. Advertisers are clamoring for premium online video and that’s what’s getting the highest rates.

2. Create a Diverse Distribution Strategy
If you want to drive views and sell ads, you’re going to need to show videos on more than just your own site. Van Niekerk points out that many popular national brands have their own channels on YouTube because that’s where the audience is. Definitely syndicate to YouTube, and look for niche sites that cover the same topic as your videos, as well. You’ll find interested viewers that way.

3. Link to Many Advertising Sources
Don’t just use one quality advertising partner, says Van Niekerk, choose several. The goal is to monetize every video view. If your video views are undersold and you’ve got more views than ads, you need a partner that can show ads on that extra inventory. If you’re oversold, you need new channels for distribution.

4. Make Sure You’re Showing Quality Ads
Just like advertisers vet content before buying ad space, so content owners should pre-screen ads to make sure they’re appropriate. If the technical quality of the ad is poor, says Van Niekerk, you don’t want it showing before your video. Also, look for ads on the same subject as your work, as they’ll seem less intrusive to the viewer.

5. Get Good Ad Reporting
The word “transparency” should be on your mind when looking at ad partners, says Van Niekerk. You want to know who’s filling what inventory, and at what prices. Don’t settle for ad networks that give you the average CPM pricing for ads sold on your videos. Instead, know what content and placement is commanding higher rates. This will help you make smarter business decisions as you create new content.


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  1. What’s the best way to get tv like videos? Is their some specific brand of computer or software?

    Posted by Denise | April 27, 2011, 1:42 am
    • Tell us more about what you’re trying to do. Are you editing home movies or is this for business use? What’s your price range for software?

      Posted by Troy Dreier | April 27, 2011, 2:04 am
      • Would like to clarify and add to point 3…if you are oversold there is another strategy to take more dollars in and that is re targeting campaigns, ie going after your audience, by targeting them on another site that has video. We are starting to see more and more such campaigns in the marketplace

        Posted by Henk van Niekerk | May 5, 2011, 11:39 am
  2. I shoot a lot of videos and I would love to make money with my videos, but, most people talk around the subject as opposed to getting to the point. I don’t want to sell or market my videos: I want someone else to do that. I just want to shoot the videos. What company do you suggest and why?

    Posted by Microdac | May 10, 2011, 8:50 am
  3. I am presently working on some animation\shorts that I would eventually like to generate revenue from (Don’t we all)The issue is this is focused on a specific audience (pot smoking culture) and I’m wondering if it is realistic to think I can find an advertiser(s)for this type of genre? And if so, who my potential advertisers might be.


    Posted by Ron | August 16, 2011, 10:43 am
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