Vzaar’s Free Tools Help Creators Understand Connection Speeds

What do viewers see when you offer a video at 256kbps? Or 1Mbps? Or 10Mbps?

To help developers better understand what it means to view videos at different connection speeds, U.K. online video provider Vzaar has put two useful free tools online.

The Bit rate test shows exactly what a video looks like at nine different bitrate levels. While you might have a strong Internet connection, not all of your viewers will. The higher resolution the video file, the greater its size. It’s useful to see online videos as your viewers will see them.

The second tool is a speed test, and it shows you the strength of your own connection. If you’ve been having trouble with videos sputtering and buffering on playback, it’s helpful to know just how fast your Internet connection is.

Vzaar notes that there are many factors that can impact how a video plays on a computer screen. They include the video card being used, how much RAM it offers, the computer’s processor, and more. The usual culprit, however, is the download speed. By using this test, you can quickly determine where the problem is.


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