VideoCustomizer Adds Personalized Videos to E-mails

VideoCustomizer soft-launched a year ago, refining its technology for delivering video e-mails for business. Now, it’s officially launching, and it’s adding the ability to create personalized videos. Customers don’t need to have any videos of their own; they can work with template videos on the VideoCustomizer site.

The company offers 15 fields that customers can use to customize their message. Pricing for the service starts at $50. For that price, the customer gets up to 5,000 e-mails and 20,000 video views. The reason the number of views is so much higher is because VideoCustomizer is hoping recipients will share the videos they receive on Twitter and Facebook.

VideoCustomizer’s service doesn’t actually send videos in e-mails. That would require some giant attachments. Instead, it uses the more common practice of sending an image that looks like a clickable video. When recipients click it, they’re taken to a video landing page. That page can be either on VideoCustomizer’s site or the client’s site. All streaming is done by VideoCustomizer.

“We are really excited about the endless marketing opportunities to serve a personalized video to a mass audience,” says Brian O’Connell, CEO of VideoCustomizer. “VideoCustomizer is commoditizing and opening up the video e-mail market by combining our own video library, video work flow, video email platform, streaming video player, and technology wrapped up in a full service deployment, making the cost of video e-mails affordable to a wide audience.”

VideoCustomizer has offices in New York City and in Dublin, Ireland.


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