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Talking B2B Video Strategy with Thomson Reuters

While much of the online video discussions are about the business-to-consumer market, business-to-business clients have their own specialized needs. To discuss strategies for B2B online video and how companies are reaching out, Shaun McIver, head of multimedia solutions for Thomson Reuters, sat down for a red carpet interview at the recent Streaming Media West conference.

Companies are using enterprise webcasting for a variety of uses, said McIver. They’re using it for internal communications such as town hall meetings, for marketing programs, and for public relations events. His company has had to expand to satisfy the changing needs of corporate customers.

Currently, McIver is seeing a growing demand in marketing for enterprise webcasting, something that holds true across all verticals. Companies use webcasts to reach out to prospective customers.

Thomson Reuters provides companies with complete front-to-back solutions, he emphasized. His company has studios around the world, and can send remote crews out, if needed. It doesn’t stop at putting events online, however, but can also stream globally in multiple languages, live or on-demand.

His company excels at reach, he said, and can use its media channels to put webcasts in front of a wide viewership. Once an event is over, Thomson Reuters provides analytics so enterprises can see who was viewing it and whether or not the webcast reached a relevant audience.

In a new development, organizations are now looking for more than a single stream. They want to offer embedded multimedia channels and multichannel players.

Challenges ahead for Thomson Reuters include looking for platforms that help it reach audiences, since reach is always a crucial issue whether for public relations, investor relations, marketing, or any other division. McIver also noted that customers are now looking for ready-to-use video content, in addition to streaming tools. Thomson Reuters has a video library, he said, that companies can use to help enrich their own offerings.

Mobile video is a growing interest for enterprise, McIver noted. Most of that interest currently is for on-demand video.

Scroll down to view the entire red carpet interview.

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  1. This is an exciting innovation for internal communications. With its two-way capabilities, it is the next closest thing to face-to-face communications which is the most credible form. Enterprise video also has the advantage of immediacy, reachability and cost effectiveness. Good Story!

    Carla Anne Ernst

    Posted by Carla Anne Ernst | March 19, 2011, 3:09 pm
  2. I’d really love learn more about B2B video strategies and capabilities, but this felt like one big Thomson Reuters commercial.
    Would like to see more balanced discussion in the future, but glad to see Streaming Media making the attempt to cover the topic more!

    Posted by Midori Connolly | March 23, 2011, 3:10 pm
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